Here is a list of ways you can participate in Professional Development while practicing social distancing:

Please visit the NCSS Page for an official list of approved resources. As a reminder, please check with your division before using any new electronic resources with students.​
​NCSS Resources for Navigating Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  1. Video tutorials and daily webinars for teachers-Newsela PL Landing Page
  2. Virtual Virginia Statewide Webinar every Thursday at 4pm
  3. Seesaw Professional Development website
  4. Edsitement: Validating Sources
  5. Edsitement: Building an Argument
  6. ​March 25 Teaching American History: The Flu Epidemic of 1918 – Lessons from History
  7. Virginia Museum of History and culture has many opportunities:

Lectures and webinars
​Video Archive

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Excellence in Teaching Award


Friend of Education

The #VCSS19 Friend of Education this year was the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation for their continued efforts helping teachers in our schools and commitment to public history. Highlighted was the "Tenacity" and "Forgotten Soldier" exhibits that shared the struggles and contributions of many whose voices so often remain unheard. 

NCSS Conference Volunteer Opportunity

VCSS Betsy Barton Teacher of the Year

The Virginia Council for Social Studies is excited to bring you our newest resource for social studies teachers across the state and country! Each episode of Content to Classroom provides expert analysis on a specific topic related to social studies and then supplements that analysis with guidance from master teachers on how to apply it in the classroom. The result is an engaging and authentic discussion that will leave teachers feeling empowered to try something new. Episode 1 is live and covers the topic of Addressing Elections & Equity in the Classroom. 

Samantha Futrell, a middle school teacher at St. MIchael's Episcopal School was our #VCSS19 recipient of this award. She worked with her students to create podcasts on the UN Sustainable Goals. This involved student voice and choice, as well as agency.

Check out the podcast with co-teacher Rebekah O'Dell (Season 5) here.

Content to Classroom Podcast

Virginia Council for the Social Studies 

The VCSS Betsy Barton Teacher of the year was honored at #VCSS19.  Kimberly Hammers received her award from John Barton, who gave a touching speech about Betsy before honoring our new teacher of the year. Of particular note was the fact that Ms. Hammers conceived of the idea and implemented the Guinness World Record activity in which Grassfield High School became nationally recognized for holding the largest in person politics lesson. But that is just one of the many spectacular things she does in the classroom for her students.

Keep up with Professional Development

The 2020 NCSS Virtual Conference takes place December 4-6. NCSS is in need of volunteers to support making the virtual conference successful. By volunteering for at least half a day, you earn complimentary access to the whole conference! Volunteer responsibilities may include the following:

-Assume admin responsibilities for an NCSS Zoom account for all live presentations.
-Provide co-host privileges for all presenters.
-Record all sessions in assigned room. NCSS will provide instructions on how to save, title, and submit and recordings.
-Assign breakout rooms for attendees, if needed.
-Monitor Q&A and chat and share comments with presenter(s), if needed.
-Report and/or solve (if possible) any technical issues or problems.
-Provide general feedback on the session.

Deadline to indicate interest is October 10, 2020. Click here to sign up:
Questions? Contact David Bailor at