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Scholar's Hour

VCSS has released a position statement about the Revisions to History and Social Sciences Standards and Curriculum Framework.
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The Virginia Council for Social Studies is excited to bring you our newest resource for social studies teachers across the state and country! Each episode of Content to Classroom provides expert analysis on a specific topic related to social studies and then supplements that analysis with guidance from master teachers on how to apply it in the classroom. The result is an engaging and authentic discussion that will leave teachers feeling empowered to try something new.

Every third Thursday of the month, the Virginia Council for Social Studies hosts a virtual meeting called "Scholars' Hour" in which teachers from around the state can gather to discuss social studies content, strategies, and technology.

Art and the Challenge of Memory: Responding to the Stories of Holocaust Survivors

May 5 from 3-4:40 pm

In this online workshop session we will explore resources and strategies incorporating art and poetry of survivors into lessons about the Holocaust. We will discuss and explore teaching strategies that address the following questions:

How do we remember and share the history of the Holocaust? How are we affected by hearing the testimonies of Holocaust survivors? How do their stories influence our understanding of this history? What is our role as teachers and students of the Holocaust?

Join VHM and David Rhodes, Program Associate at Facing History and Ourselves, as we engage in personal reflection, explore strategies for facilitating difficult conversations, and receive a toolkit of strategies that promote critical thinking to address the challenges of learning history in today’s 21st century classroom. 

This workshop is free for educators. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants at the conclusion of the workshop.  This workshop is on Zoom and a workshop link will be sent to you via email after registration.


To register, please email Megan Ferenczy, Director of Education, mferenczy@vaholocaust.org

Partnership with CEUTTS @ VT

Interested in learning more about how to advocate for social studies at the local, state, and national level? NCSS has created an Advocacy Toolkit to help plan and execute your ideas! Check out the website here to learn more. 

Virginia Council for the Social Studies 

Are you looking for resources on a certain subject? Our outreach committee is working to curate a list of resources that span a wide array of topics and applications. As with any tool, teachers will want to consult their own district regarding expectations and restrictions surrounding the use of online materials that require a log-in.  Additionally, prior to sharing a contest opportunity with your students, make sure that your principal or district leadership has reviewed and approved all components of the contest. 

VCSS is excited about new and innovative opportunities we have with our partner CEUTTS at Virginia Tech. 

The Center for European Union, Transatlantic, and Transeuropean Space Studies (CEUTTSS) pursues outreach and engagement activities aiming to foster a dialogue between the academic world and policymakers, in particular with the goal of enhancing the EU’s relations with the United States. In addition, CEUTTSS seeks to play a key role in reaching out to students and educators associated with secondary education, students of continuing and professional education, lifelong learning, the institutions of civil society, and the general public at large.

Check out their current PD offerings here or check out their website to be added to their weekly distribution list. 

VA Holocaust Museum PD Opportunity

Teacher Resources

Advocacy Toolkit (NCSS)

Content to Classroom Podcast


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